VET@HOME partnership is discussing the project progress on an online TPM and workshop

Today was our 4th Transnational Project Meeting for overview of the project implementation progress and discussing the outputs in details. Within the experts’ workshop for development of the output the template for structure and contents of O3 – Protocol and Guidebook were discussed and agreed by the partners. In general, it will be one extensive document with two major parts: Protocol and Guidebook. All partners analyze the results obtained within their own desk and field research and provide summarized information for the different sections of the document. Finally, the chapters are agreed to appear as follows:
A protocol that offers a model procedure for structuring and delivery of a vocational practical training course in a virtual environment with focus on culinary-arts professions, “Cook” in particular comprised of:
1. Design and structuring of the course
2. Establishing an online learning environment
3. Delivering an online-based practical training
4. Evaluation and assessment of the training
While the Protocol is describing the model procedures, the next part – the Guidebook – is providing practical instructions, for example the first chapter is dedicated on guidelines how to operate the e-learning platform as a Manual on how to apply the VET@HOME platform in real training processes. Further it also suggests different pedagogical strategies for delivery of online-based practical training. Next chapter therein is focused on the difficulties and proposed solutions how to overcome them. Finally, the Guidebook will present some innovations and best practices in delivery of virtual practical training in distance / blended learning identified and collected by the partners during their research tasks.
Stay tuned for the final outputs that will be presented by the consortium.

octubre 30, 2023

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